Kyphoplasty System

The Kyphoplasty System is a cutting-edge medical device used in the minimally invasive treatment of vertebral compression fractures. This system includes specialized balloons and bone cement delivery tools that enable the restoration of vertebral height and stabilization of the fractured bone. With its precise and controlled inflation, the Kyphoplasty System offers effective pain relief and improved vertebral stability, helping patients regain mobility and quality of life.

What is a kyphoplasty

Kyphoplasty/vertebroplasty are ways of treating vertebral body compression fractures, which are small breaks in the thick mass of bone that makes up the front part of your spinal column (the vertebral body). Vertebral body fractures lead to the collapse or compression of a vertebra, causing your spine to shorten and curve forward. This can result in pain and a kyphotic (hunched-over) deformity.


Benefits of Kyphoplasty System


●Significant and sustained reduction in back pain

●Sustained vertebral body height restoration

●Significant and sustained improvement in quality of life,mobility, and ability to perform activities of daily living



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