Portable Dental X-Ray ZSX5

A portable dental X-ray machine is a compact device used by dental professionals to capture high-quality images of teeth and surrounding structures. It is lightweight and easily transportable, making it convenient for mobile clinics or remote areas. The machine provides detailed radiographic images to aid in diagnosing dental conditions. It offers patient comfort, minimal radiation exposure, and instant digital image viewing for efficient treatment planning.

Product Features:

High frequency DC constant voltage control technology

Effective Security Protection

1.High-strength alloy and lead-wrapped tube effectively reduce X-ray leakage

2.Overheating Protection Program.The program starts when the temperature exceeds 60°C

3.Momentary stop exposure

4.Fault self-diagnosis system

Convenient Imaging Options

1.The machine system presets 48 standard combination programs, and the control panel presets 8 tooth types


Professional parameter setting

1.Exposure can often be adjusted between 0.01-2.5 seconds

2.Three imaging modes of film, dental film treasure and digital sensor are optional


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